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Hannah is amazing to work with! She helps with any barriers you may have to help you achieve your goals!! Hannah understands that getting back on track with healthier food choices does not happen overnight but a gradual life change. She gives you the tools and support to make it happen!


I came to work with Hannah as a result of several issues.  I have previously been diagnosed with IBS, gluten sensitivity, and elevated cholesterol.  As a result I began to restrict my diet and follow along with popular diet culture.  For years I have been trying to find the “best” diet for my health issues and as a result ended up with very disordered eating.  After a year in therapy I came to work with Hannah to help find true and accurate information about diet and health.  Finding a registered dietitian was very important to me because I wanted real honest information.  I wanted someone who would explain the benefits of eating things like grains (that I have previously avoided) and help me to create a way of eating that works for my health issues, my mental issues, and my busy family life.  Hannah is super upbeat and friendly.  She is very easy to talk to and super knowledgeable.  I am truly thankful to add her into my circle of health professionals.


You can lose weight, feel better, and reach your goals.

After having three kids in five years, my body was beat. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, out of shape, and struggling to find balance.

Being a Registered Dietitian and former personal trainer, I knew what I needed to do, but what I learned is that to get the body and health you want – you have to fight for it. You need not only the tools, but the accountability to help you reach your goals.

Last year, I walked away from my full-time job so that I could help others fight for that healthy lifestyle. Through coaching, I help you get from where you are now to a healthier version.

I’ll work with you in small groups or one-on-one to support your goals with meal plans, education, and accountability so you can lose weight and improve your overall health.

These programs will help you…

  • Create a healthy foundation
  • Better understand food and its connection to your body
  • Choose healthier food options
  • Learn how to make healthy meals
  • Determine an exercise regimen that fits your goals and lifestyle
  • Lose weight

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Group Coaching

This program is designed for those who enjoy the camaraderie of others fighting for the same goal.

Individual Coaching

For those that like a little privacy and need a more hands-on approach, this program is for you!

What You Get With Each Package


Weekly Meal Plans


Regular Check-Ins

Private Facebook Group

Educational Sessions


Access to Food Journal App


Nutritional Guidelines

Exercise Recommendations

These Coaching Packages Are:


Packed with practical tips




Developed by a Registered Dietitian


Helpful without being overwhelming


Designed with your goals in mind


Built to help you make better food choices now and later