Starting January 3, 2022

Eat Good – Feel Good

A 7-day challenge to help you create a sustainable, long-term healthy diet.

Fad diets are ridiculous.

They end up doing more harm than good by being a “one size fits all” program that doesn’t prioritize YOU and your body.

For just $10, I’ll show you how to eat healthier, feel better, and lose weight.

So, before you sign up for a New Year’s diet, let’s hang out for just 7 days. I’ll show you how to:


Make healthier choices for your body type.


Add more fiber and vitamins while decreasing calories.


Pair specific foods to create maximum benefits.


Use diet to support your exercise and vice versa.


Purchase, plan, and prepare healthy meals.

It’s like Pinterest, but without the blogs.


A supportive and engaged Facebook community filled with like-minded people

Grocery lists, meal prep template, and educational materials

Access to a Registered Dietitian for all of your diet and nutrition questions.


Professional Dietitian recommendations on food storage, cooking, and more.


Healthy recipes to help you get started with eating better and feeling better.

My Promise to You

If, at the end of 7 days, you’re not happy with what you’ve learned,
I’ll refund your $10. So, what have you got to lose?

Happy Friends

What My Clients Say

Hannah is amazing to work with! She helps with any barriers you may have to help you achieve your goals!! Hannah understands that getting back on track with healthier food choices does not happen overnight but a gradual life change. She gives you the tools and support to make it happen!

Christi B

Hannah has taught me a lot about nutrition.  I will use what she has taught me for a lifetime to come!  I know my results will not happen overnight. She taught me a lot about nutrient dense food, percentages of what my diet should be and how to build lean muscle mass. I would definitely recommend Hannah!  I feel so much better!

Cheznee L

Meet Your Guide

Hey there, I’m Hannah.

Are you spending the holiday season researching all the gyms and diets you want to try after the Holidays are over?

I used to do the same exact thing. After my kids were born, I struggled with healthy habits and I just wanted a “quick fix.”

Then I remembered, “Hannah, you’re a Dietitian, you know all this stuff.”

Once I got myself over the hump, I turned to helping others. Now, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn the importance of nutrition and how to build lasting, sustainable eating habits.

This challenge is designed to help you see that fad diets aren’t your friend and that a basic understanding of nutrition will do wonders for your long-term health and wellness.

So, come and experience lasting change in just 7 days!

Are you ready to start the New Year off right?