Easy Prep, Quick Meal

Crunchy Cobb Salad

15 minutes


1 head of romaine

1 lb lightly breaded chicken tenders

1 box cherry tomatoes

2 hard boiled eggs

8 pieces microwavable bacon

Dressing of choice (not included in nutrition facts as dressings vary)

Optional: avocado, cheese, additional veggies


  1. Bake or air fry chicken tenders until cooked. Chop into bite-sized pieces.
  2. While the chicken is cooking, prep the romaine.
  3. Microwave bacon strips and chop into pieces.
  4. Slice hard boiled eggs and slice tomatoes in half length wise.
  5. Throw ingredients together and enjoy!

Quick Tip

If your kids don't love salad for their main entree, serve chicken tenders whole and offer a side salad.