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Between being a Chauffeur, Therapist, Seamstress, Nurse, Janitor, Referee, Meal Planner, and Chef – you’re a tad busy.

Imagine scratching something off that list.

As a mom of 3, I know that getting back a few seconds in your day can feel like a little slice of Heaven.

And let’s be honest, you deserve that slice.


Feed your family food they’ll love.


Stop “winging it” at dinner time.


Create a healthy foundation for your kids.


Ditch complicated, expensive meal planning services.

From my kitchen to yours. Each meal is…



As a Registered Dietitian, I have spent hours pouring over each recipe to ensure it’ll check all the health boxes.



I’ve personally cooked every meal and gotten the thumbs up from my family. If it’s not good enough for my kids, it’s not good enough for yours.


Quick to Prepare

In the time it would take you to order online and drive to pick it up, you can have a better meal and more time to share it together.

Get your first week of meals today.

It’s like Pinterest, but without the blogs.


7 Dinner Recipes

The recipes include 20-minute meals, crockpot meals, and more. You can choose which ones work best for your schedule and family.

A Shopping List

You’ll get a simple-to-follow shopping list, complete with time-saving ingredients so you can shop and whip up dinner in no time.


Nutritional Info

For those that like to read the labels, I’ll provide the breakdown, so you can rest easy knowing you and your family are eating healthy.


Choices on Choices

Each week will come with a good variety of crockpot, air-fryer and traditional meals. There’ll also be seafood, poultry, and non-meat options.

Meal Prep Hacks

Since I’ve cooked each meal, I can tell you little tricks for how to speed things up, skip steps, and basically breeze through the cooking process.

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Hannah’s guidance has helped me feed my family more nutritious meals/snacks. I’m so thankful for Hannah and all she’s done to foster this new and healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.


Everyone needs a Hannah in their life! She has opened my eyes to a whole new world of health. Hannah educates, encourages and celebrates with me! She gives me a plan that isn’t complicated and the tools I need to make it happen.


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Meet Your Guide

Hey there, I’m Hannah.

You know how you feel like your house is being invaded by a tiny army that eats A LOT?

And just to keep up, you’re spending hours searching Pinterest for recipes, dissecting nutrition labels, asking Alexa how much protein kids should get, and praying that they actually like the food.

You can find lots of meal planning “help” out there, but what I’ve found is that they’re super confusing and leave you with food few kids would touch.

As a mom of 3 and a Registered Dietitian, I believe simplicity is your best friend. At Wholesome Nutrition, I’ll give you recipes, nutrition info, and shopping lists for 7 dinners per week, so you can scratch meal planning off your list.

Every single meal has been researched, cooked, and happily eaten by my little army.

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